Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Problem Solved: The Office-Office Space Edition

Let's go with four from each. I'm throwing Gary Cole out since he was in The Pineapple Express Edition but he's really the whole reason for this hybrid. So, even though some might not know who you are, I look at you, Gary Cole, and see a cross of Bill Lumbergh, Mike Brady, Ted Jones and VP Russell. Man, GC has been in a ton of movies and TV. I think he has face recognition and not the name recognition that should go with it. Sadly, I can think of several names to throw out that would elicit immediate response that don't deserve to even be "known" of. I kind of felt that this would happen when I posted TPEE with him in it. Sorry for the rant.

1. Steve Carrell

2. Rainn Wilson

3. John Krasinski

4. Jenna Fletcher

5. Ron Livingston

6. Jennifer Aniston

7. Stephen Root

8. John C. McGinley


Merlin D. Bear said...

1)Carrell - B+/A- possibly even A.
2)Wilson - aside from Office, what has he done?
4)see above
5)ditto (I work at night so don't watch much "prime time" TV)
6)Aniston - B based on a combination of her TV work, film and name recognition.

Daniel Alex said...

1)Carrell - B Movie & A-/B+ TV
2)Wilson - B TV
3)Kasinski - C+ Movie & B TV
4)Fletcher - C Movie & B TV
5)Livingston - B- Movie & B- TV (Band of Brothers & Sex & the City)
6)Aniston - B Movie & A(Although from back in the day)TV
7)Root - C+ Movie & B+ TV (Newsradio and King of the Hill)
8)McGinley - C Movie & B+ TV

whole_lotto _luv said...

1) Carrell - B+/A- movie, A tv. I'm thinking 3 Emmy noms & 4 GG noms & 1 GG win should make him A for tv. He's been the lead in several movies, but I don't see him quite attaining Will Smith status.

2) Wilson - B tv, C for movies (thinking The Rocker, My Super Ex-GF)

3)Krasinksy - I don't know who he is. In the random photos on CDaN, I didn't know which one he was. Well, I've never seen The Office, but I know who Carrell and Wilson are in photos.

4)Fischer - same as Krasinksy

5)Livingston - I don't know his name. I only know him as Berger from SATC, and didn't he dump Carrie by post-it? I think that makes him B for tv.

6)Jennifer Aniston - A tv, B movies

7) Stephen Root - I wouldn't know him, either, and he was just on Pushing Daisies. But I think he deserves a B for tv for being the voice of Bill Dautrive for 12 years on King of the Hill.

8) McGinley - B tv, B-/C+ movies. He's been in a bunch of Oliver Stone movies, and when Scrubs debuted, he looked immediately familiar to me.

I am so NOT GOOD at this, sorry!

robert said...

1) Carrell - High B for movies, B for tv
2) Wilson - C tv, C for movies (I guess...)
3)Krasinksy - B for TV, C for movies
4)Fletcher - same as Krasinksy
5)Livingston - Know his face but not his name, C
6)Jennifer Aniston - B tv (at what point does a one-of-six main characters from a hit show a decade ago drop in the ranking?), B movies
7) Stephen Root - C
8) McGinley - C tv, C movies.

ElsieFire said...

I'm LOL'ing right now, poor Jenna FISCHER...

1. B+, both
2. B-
3. B+ (next IT boy for sure)
4. C, because apparently no one knows her...Enty will NOT approve
5. C+
6. A+++(in her mind) A, A+ name
7. B
8. B

Jade, That Girl said...

Carrell: A List Comedian.
Rainn Wilson: B+ Television Star.
John Krasinski: B+ Television Star.
Jennna Fletcher: B+ Television Star.
Ron Livingston: C List Actor, known known supporting roles/guest appearances.
Jennifer Aniston: B List Actress, with A+ Name Recongition.
Stephen Root: D/C List Actor, better known by body of work.
McGinley: C/B- List Television Actor. Sorry. :(

Karmen said...

Mine's very similar to Jade's

Carrell: A TV/ B+ Movie
Rainn Wilson: B+ TV/ C Movie
John Krasinski: B+ TV/ C Movie
Jenna Fletcher: B+ TV/ C Movie
Ron Livingston: C list
Jennifer Aniston: A- movies/ A+ name recognition
Stephen Root: C list
John C. McGinley: B- TV/ C- Movie

Mooshki said...

1. A-
2. B+ tv, B overall
3. B+ tv
4. B+ tv
5. B tv, C+ overall
6. A
7. B-/C+
8. B tv