Monday, July 6, 2009

From Enty's Reveals

So, these are the reveals from Saturday. I can agree with most of these rankings, but I can't believe that Eric Roberts is B list. Maybe he is and I just don't get it. So, if you disagree with any of the rankings, discuss in the comments.

Angelina Jolie - A+
Jack Nicholson - A+
Kevin James - A (Was Classified as B in March but has moved up)
Ray Romano - B- (Movies), A (TV)
Paul Rudd - B+
Reese Witherspoon - A+
Bridget Marquardt - C+/B- (Reality Star/TV Host)
Beyonce - A+ (Singer)
Johnny Depp - A+
Brittany Murphy - C
Sandra Bullock - A
Russell Crowe - A
Liza Minelli - Permanent A List Entertainer
Eric Roberts - B
Emma Roberts - B
Melanie Griffith - Classified as Former B List with A List NR
Maggie Gyllenhaal - B
Kim Coles - C
Kevin Costner - Classified as Former A List
Gerald McRaney - Classified as Former A List
Donal Logue - B
David Faustino - C-/D+
Stana Katic - B-/C+
Nathan Fillion - B-/C+
Mindy Kaling - C
Hayden Panettiere - B List with A List NR
Lloyd - C (Singer)
Daniel Logan - D
Katy Perry - A (Singer)
Leonardo DiCaprio - A
Ashley Tisdale - B
Jeremy Piven - B
Bob Saget - Classified as Former A List TV Actor & Show Host
Jennifer Aniston - A
Tyrese - Not really classified except to say that he has B+/A- NR
Zac Efron - A (But only to tweens)
Andy Dick - C
Billy Bob Thornton - B
Ben Stiller - A is for Asshole
Eva Longoria - B
Carrie Underwood - A (Singer)
Jessica Simpson - B at her best but Enty wouldn’t argue if you tried to call her a C
Pauly Shore - C
Gary Busey - Not classified but was definitely one of the highlights of Saturday
Kate Beckinsale - B+ with A+ NR
Shia LaBeouf - B
Lindsay Lohan - C
Natalie Portman - B
Matthew Broderick - B


Bodie said...

"Gary Busey - Not classified but was definitely one of the highlights of Saturday"

omg that was the best. Busey is so awesome. Just thinking about him makes me laugh.

I think i'd classify him as currently C, former B+ (he was nominated for an Oscar once) with A name recognition.

everyone knows the insanity that is Busey! lol

Bodie said...

oh and i think it was a bit of a travesty on Enty's part to give Mindy Kaling the same rating as Lohan!!!

I'd put her as B- or B at this point cuz everyone knows her/loves her on the Office.

*Miss_P* said...

I have a hard time seeing Eic & Emma Roberts as B and Kevin James as A but if Enty says so then so must it be!

Liza said...

I'm surprised to see Natalie Portman listed as B. I would have thought of her as an A or A-. Maybe it's because Ent doesn't like her that he knocked her down a rung?

Susan said...

Katy Perry A?? No way, i think C

Katja said...

Melanie Griffith - Classified as Former B List with A List NR

Only to the Boomer/and 80's HS graduates. Anyone younger than that would have not idea who she is/was.