Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Next Group: Star Trek

Okay, let's go with the kids from the new Star Trek movie. I know they aren't kids, but they're making me feel old and I'm 28. Also, let's go with 12 instead of 4. As always, I'm listing them in the order they appear on imdb and if there is someone you haven't heard of, click on their name to check out their imdb page.

1. Chris Pine
2. Zachary Quinto
3. Leonard Nimoy
4. Eric Bana
5. Bruce Greenwood
6. Karl Urban
7. Zoe Saldana
8. Simon Pegg
9. John Cho
10. Anton Yelchin
11. Winona Ryder
12. Jennifer Morrison


mngddess said...

Great job on the blog! I have a comment - instead of throwing actors out there for ratings, why not do it the opposite way and go by "grading". I say this because it would be relatively easy to list all actors in the "A" category, don't you think? Because all the other categories can get a little blurry...

*Miss_P* said...

1. Chris Pine - B+
2. Zachary Quinto - B
3. Leonard Nimoy - B/C
4. Eric Bana - B+
5. Bruce Greenwood - C (but one of those faces you recognise but don't know his name)
6. Karl Urban - C
7. Zoe Saldana - D
8. Simon Pegg - C
9. John Cho - C
10. Anton Yelchin - C
11. Winona Ryder - B/C
12. Jennifer Morrison - C

the.princess.leia said...

@mngddess: Hey, can you explain a little further about the grading?

Kit said...

1. Chris Pine - B-
2. Zachary Quinto - B-
3. Leonard Nimoy - B
4. Eric Bana- B+
5. Bruce Greenwood - B
6. Karl Urban - B-
7. Zoe Saldana - B
8. Simon Pegg - B
9. John Cho- B-
10. Anton Yelchin - C
11. Winona Ryder - B
12. Jennifer Morrison - C

Jade, That Girl said...

Pine: B List Actor, On Cusp of B+ List.
Quinto: B+ Television Actor, On Cusp of B+ Movie Actor.
Nimoy: Legendary, recognizable B+ TV actor. Doesn't exactly fall into the grading category.
Bana: Guess I would I call him B+. How about B/B+ versatile actor? Since he can do action, drama, scifi, and comedy...Bana, he is a pretty good actor, huh?
Greenwood: B- Character Actor.
Urban: B-
Saldana: B
Pegg: B List Comedian. Hopefully B+ Soon.
Cho: B-
Anton Yelchin: B-
Winona Ryder: Well known, formerly B+ actress, now C.
Morrison: B List Television Actress.

Karmen said...

Chris Pine: B
Zachary Quinto: B- TV/movie
Leonard Nimoy: Former B+ TV/ C list now
Eric Bana: B
Bruce Greenwood: C+ (agree with Miss P)
Karl Urban: B- (He's been in multiple franchises. He's dreamy)
Zoe Saldana: C+
Simon Pegg: C+
John Cho: C+
Anton Yelchin: B- (only because of being in Star Trek & Terminator: Salvation)
Winona Ryder: former A- list/ C list now
Jennifer Morrison: B TV/ C Movie

Mooshki said...

1. B-, headed for B+ probably.
2. B tv, B-/C+ movies
3. Argh, hard one. Obviously A name recognition. B career?
4. B+
5. C (I've always LOVED him, but no big name recognition. :( )
6. C+ (See above.)
7. B-/C+
8. B
9. B
10. C (Again, I think he's on his way up.)
11. B for Bitch. LOL.
12. C

Did you leave out Rachel Nichols since Enty hates her? LOL. I'd give her a B-