Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Rules

The rules are simple. We will have an A List, B List, C List, D List and E-Zzzz List.

1. Money over Awards (I'm going with Enty's rule on this one.) Example: Will Smith=Has Been Nominated For An Oscar Twice But Has Never Won=The Most Bankable Star According To Forbes=A List.
2. Voting takes place in the comments. Please give one or two reasons for why you think someone belongs on a certain list.
3. If someone is in Movies and on TV, then they will need two votes.

For example, let's take Helen Hunt. During her heyday, she was definitely A+ List (TV). However, let's take a look at some of her movies from 1996-2000. In 1996, Helen was listed as the star for "Twister", which grossed $494,000,000 worldwide. In 1997, she received second billing for "As Good As It Gets" which grossed $280,000,000 worldwide. I know she won an Oscar for "As Good As It Gets", but remember I'm deferring to our favourite Entertainment Lawyer's rule: Money over Awards. (An Academy Award win is good for a temporary bump, but one win doesn't permanently put someone on the A List.) In 2000, she was in a couple of movies including "What Women Want" ($373,000,000 WW), and "Castaway"($430,000,000). So, using money over awards, I would say she was A- List from 1997-2001 which was when she went on a four year hiatus from making any films or doing any TV. Now days, she would be closer to a B- or even C List Movies.

So, if anyone can think of any other rules, please post in the Comment section.

Here's a link to CrazyDaysAndNights.net:


It is possible for performers to fluctuate quickly between the B, C & D categories depending on their circumstances and current behavior. A list stars tend to remain there.


maggiemei said...

Maybe we could go through old Blind item reveals and match up those stars with their respective A-D list designations?
Then we sould have a jumping off point, and a one stop reference for future blinds.

the.princess.leia said...

@maggiemei: This was what I was thinking as well. Plus as we all know Enty will do his July 4th reveal in a few weeks.

Also, another thought I had was taking all of the BI reveals from January 1st and listing the name and what list Enty had them on. Since people fluctuate between lists, we will need to possible update some of them.

mazemerizing said...

I agree with the Money over Awards, but it's not always just about how much a movie makes, but was THAT star responsible for bringing in all that money. Like, say, "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom." Raked in a huge amount of money. Methinks it was largely because of 1) second of the franchise; 2) Harrison Ford = A list actor; 3) Steven Spielberg = A list director, but NOT Kate Capshaw who was in the movie, but no one paid their big bucks to go see her. Same with Helen Hunt. Yeah, she was in some big movies, but my guess is that Jack Nicholson (always A) was the draw in "As Good As It Gets," the tornadoes were the draw in "Twister" and Mel Gibson (A?) was what brought people into theaters to see that awful movie, "What Women Want." Which, to me, would put Helen Hunt firmly in the B list category, even with her Oscar. Am I wrong about that? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? And thanks, Princess Leia. I think this site will clear up a lot of A-D questions.

gay tallywacker said...

Actually mazemerizing, that seems logical to me, I saw all of those movies she was in and she was never the reason i decided to see them.