Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The First Four

Use the comments to give these four celebrities their list ranking. Remember, if they are TV & Movie, they will need two list rankings.

(Click on the name to go to their IMDb page.)

1. Christina Applegate

2. Dakota Fanning

3. Kevin James

4. Demi Moore

*Edit: I know that I said that I was only going to post four people a day, but I think I may up it either eight people a post or do two to three posts of four each day. Let me know what you think!


robert said...

Maybe use caps to denot one or the other and if they were TV first or movies first then list it that way:

bA or Cd where TV is lowercase

the.princess.leia said...

robert: Thanks for the suggestion, it works for me and will be a lot easier to help distinguish.

robert said...

1. cC
2. C
3. aB (maybe B, one big movie)
4. C

I am an amateur

whole_lotto _luv said...

my 2cents:
1. aC - she's had 2 series in which she is the main character. Nominated for 3 emmys, won 1. Nominated for 3 Golden Globes. I hope I did this correctly - the a is for tv, the C is for movies?

2. C. Don't think she can open anything. I think she jumped shark when she refused to shave her head for that movie. None of her noms was for a GG or Oscar.

3. bB. I think Paul Blart is a one-time thing. He was the same character on 4 different tv shows.

4. C now, A back in the 90s, probably up until Striptease or GI Jane. I think she was an "a" for soaps back when she was on General Hospital.

GladysKravitz said...

1. aC I am with Whole Lotta Luv on the logic here.

2. B I agree with W.L.L. on the logic here, too, but don't think she's sunk that low yet...

3. bB

4. C or maybe even D. I was going to vote "B" but then I went to her IMDb page. She has been in NOTHING worthwhile for YEARS. I must be getting very old because I got kind of nostalgic for the days when she was a big star.

robert said...

on 1 it is all about $ and did SHE carry the TV show/$ and movies?

on 2 I don't need to explain

on 3 I said aB as his TV show is on multiple channels in syndication every day of the week, $

on 4 I put C as I couldn;t decide is she could be a pull again or not, she did the $100,000 plastic surgery thing already.

reindeerpizza said...

I was under the impression that enty typically did not distinguish between tv and movie list ranks- it's always something like
"B+ actrees, A++ name recognition- mostly movies some tv, bla bla bla"

so in that case here are my thoughts:

Christina Applegate- A- List, A Name Recognition

Dakota Fanning- B List, A+ Name Recognition

Kevin James- A List (reluctantly... i dont think he is a true A List but he has opened a movie on his own and also starred in Hitch- besides his run on KoQ)

Demi Moore- C List, A++ Name Recognition

robert said...

Yeah, I recall reading that but does it hurt to split the two here? Or is it confusing the issue? Maybe he wants to blur the two so as to make the BIs harder.

I just thought it'd be easier to figure people out if you could weight both genre more accurately but would it actually help figure out his BIs?

What brought it to mind was all the awesome Friends movies and such (not picking on them specifically).

the.princess.leia said...

Quick note: While he doesn't do it often, sometimes Enty will posted something like A-list television, C list movie but with A+ name recognition. Also, BIG THANKS to all of you guys for helping me kick the site off!

robert said...

I guess people need to collect the various reveals and compare them to his BIs in order to chart what is already known.

I have some time tomorrow but I don't want to waste time if the info is outdated.

the.princess.leia said...

@Robert: If you see this msg and get a chance, email me at the.princess.leia@gmail.com and I'll go into a little more detail what my plan is.

Gwynnethe said...

Christina Applegate: B
Dakota Fanning: A
Kevin James: B
Demi Moore: A

I don't know why we would split them, a star is known or not.

ahdaboom said...

Demi; Certainly after showing her ass on twitter and posting everytime she moves Demi can't be higher than C for star power. For name I.D. though she and her media whore baby boy are A. Back in the days of the brat pack, Ghost, she was A.

Dijea said...

1. B+ TV, C Movie
2. B+
3. C/C
4. C movie A+ Name recognition tho

gay tallywacker said...

Or we could always put the tv rank first, then the movie rank. So if someone just puts A/B or a/b we know that it = tv/movie?

1. b/c
2. b
3. b/c
4. c-currently a-in the past

pomme said...

Applegate:B+ list for Tv and C list for movies
Fanning:B list!
James: ? i'm french so i don't know him because his movies don't go out in Europe!
Moore:C list with A+ list name! even my mum knows her

Bryn said...

1 - aC
2 - B
3 - bB
4 - former A+, now C-

Merlin D. Bear said...

My input:

1) TV - A Movies - C; Name - A++
probably rounds her to a B overall.

2) Movie - B

3) TV - A Movies - B- moving to B+ but not A list by anymeans yet.

4) TV - IMHO, irrelevant. Movies - A ...she's what passes for "old school Hollywood" these days so that puts her permanently A list regardless of her current working/production schedule.

nickyk729 said...

1. B list, and now that her show is cancelled she may slip to C.

2. B+, for a young age she has an impressive amount of solid dramatic work...she's on her way to A-list.

3. C, all the way, he's done tv, King of Queens, and he's done a few movies, most recent, Mall Cop, which in my book is deffinately C list work.

4. B, She hasn't really done much, besides having a fine young man as her husband. It's fun to see what she goes through to keep her face and body tight LOL!

Mooshki said...

1. B+
2. B+
3. A-/B+
4. A

Mooshki said...

Oops, changing Demi to B+ career, A name rec.