Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Rank This! : The Fantastic Four Edition

Okay, I thought I might do themes from time to time. Let me know your thoughts about themes in the comments. Also, don't forget to, you know, rank the following actors and the "actress".

1. Jessica Alba

2. Michael Chiklis

3. Chris Evans

4. Ioan Gruffudd

5. Julian McMahon


shakey said...

Jessica Alba is A-list in her mind, but I'd put her at ... C-list. Good Luck Chuck not a good vehicle.

*Miss_P* said...

1. Jessica Alba -C/D list

2. Michael Chiklis - B-list for TV D list for film

3. Chris Evans - B/C list

4. Ioan Gruffudd - was big in the UK but not really done that much since fantastic 4 - C/D list?

5. Julian McMahon - C/D list

Bodie said...

you read my mind *Miss_P* :)

i would give them those same ratings exactly.

michael chiklis def deserves to be higher than the rest since he had his own long running tv show...and he's a solid actor.

Nature Girl said...

Fantastic Four Day!

Jessica - C, maybe C+ because she keeps getting hired for films that include respectable B-listers

Michael - B+ for TV because The Shield was on for 7 years and he was a lead. C - for movies because he only gets hired in supporting roles for B movies (Principal role in upcoming "High School" movie)

Chris - stuggling to be B, but still C or C+. Supporting roles in OK movies for now, but has been cast as Jack Kerouac in 2010 release. We'll see how that one goes to propel him upwards.

Julian - Solid B for TV, maybe B+? Nip/Tuck has been on for a long time and he's a lead. C- for movies. Hasn't been hired for many good roles.

pomme said...

i know jessica alba,julian mcmahon and chris evans so i said B list but who are the others?

whole_lotto _luv said...

I only know who Alba, Chiklis and McMahon are. I'd rate them each a B.

Since I don't know who Gruffudd and Evans are, I'd say C.

Should I not vote on these because I've never seen a Fantastic Four movie?

Jade, That Girl said...

Alba: C List in Work, A in Recognition.
Chiklis: B+ Television Star.
Evans: C List with possibility.
Gruffudd: C in the states, I am not sure what the opinion of him in the UK.
McMahon: B+ Television Star.

Kit said...

1. Jessica Alba - B-

2. Michael Chiklis - B-

3. Chris Evans - C

4. Ioan Gruffudd - C

5. Julian McMahon - B-

Mooshki said...

1. A-
2. A- tv, C overall
3. B-
4. B-/C+
5. B tv, B-/C+ overall