Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Can We Agree On These? Part II

Thanks to Bodie and *Miss_P*, I have some more nominees for Can We Agree On These being A list.

Clint Eastwood - 4 oscar wins. It's Clint Eastwood. Perhaps it's a given, lol.
Robert Downey Jr. - 3 oscar noms, franchise (Iron Man) can now bring the big $$
Sean Penn - 2 oscar wins, 3 noms, can open a movie ($$)
Russell Crowe - 1 oscar win, 2 noms, can open a movie ($$) (even when he's "plumper" than usual, lol)
Johnny Depp - 3 oscar noms, franchise (Pirates)
Charlize Theron - 1 oscar win, 1 nom, can open a movie (has a bunch in production too)
Nicole Kidman - 1 oscar win, 1 nom, can open a movie (also has a bunch in production) . I'm not really a fan but i think she can open a movie on her own consistently.
Glenn Close - 5 oscar noms, i think she's just so highly respected as an actress that no one would label her anything less.
Anthony Hopkins - 1 Oscar win, 3 noms
Hugh Jackman-franchise
Jodie Foster-2 Oscar wins and she's Jodie Foster


doxie said...

So do cartoon/animated movies count as franchises? Is Cameron Diaz/Mike Myers considered A-list for the Shrek movies? I hope not...I can't stand Cameron Diaz! I'm good with all in your list except Keanu Reeves - how old was Enty's BI? Anyway he dropped off, haha? I guess I would also add to your list Steven Spielberg and Samuel L Jackson,

*Miss_P* said...

Charlize Theron - really A list? I wouldn't have thought so, not someone who automatically springs to mind.

I suppose RDJ is on the up again
and I agree with all the other suggestions

the.princess.leia said...

@doxie: I agree. I do not want to put Cammy Diaz on the A list! I know that she was in the Charlie's Angels franchise, but was that more Drew & she brought along the other two?

As far as Keanu, he does have a franchise, and a highly successful franchise at that, that's the reason (besides Enty) that I'm putting him on the A list.

Jade, That Girl said...

Clint Eastwood: A List as a Director.
Robert Downey Jr: B+ for now, got to wait to see how Sherlock Holmes will do and that will be the deciding factor.
Sean Penn: A List.
Russell Crowe: A List.
Johnny Depp: A+ List along with Will Smith, Tom Cruise, and Julia Roberts.
Charlize Theron: No, I would even go on the line of calling her a strong B with an A List name recognition. When was the last time you heard your coworkers talking about going to see the new Charlize Theron movie? Hancock doesn't count.
Nicole Kidman: If this was like 2004 or 2005, I would agree that she is A...but more B+ to me.
Glenn Close: B+ with A recognition.
Anthony Hopkins: B+
Hugh Jackman: A
Jodie Foster: A

mazemerizing said...

I agree with Jade, That Girl's assessments. Nicole Kidman open a film? Haven't most of her films done sort of poorly at the box office, which has not warranted her exorbitant paychecks? Also, don't think Charlize can exactly open a film. A lot of Oscar nominated and winning actors are highly acclaimed, but not automatically assumed that they can open a film. Same with Sean Penn. Don't think Milk was a blockbuster by any stretch of the imagination.

Bodie said...

Ha! Anthony Hopkins B+??????

Lemme guess....you guys are both under 25 years old right?

that's rediculous imo.

Thisisridiculous said...

I agree with them all being A list, and yes Charlize can definitely open a film.

ElsieFire said...

I reluctantly believe that Cameron should be A list - if this is indeed about the money people. She's making the bucks, and Charlies Angels and Shrek are both franchises, so following the logic...

I agree with all the others as A list.


mazemerizing said...

I know I'm posting this late and nobody will read it, but Thisisridiculous, what film exactly has Charlize opened? Hancock? I think that had a LOT to do with Will Smith. Aeon Flux? I don't think it's made as much as the budget was. Monster? Maybe, but that's been awhile. Guess we'll have to see what her new films will do.

Mooshki said...

Nicole is definitely A for the general public.

Charlize, I think she's A professionally, but probably A- as far as public knowledge.